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Whiskey Bird…Hatched in Morningside


Chad Crete at Whiskey BirdWhile enjoying a scrumptious bison burger at There Brookhaven’s bar, I overheard chef Chad Crete chatting with a colleague about the opening of his new restaurant, Whiskey Bird. It debuted a few months later in Morningside, in Timone’s old spot. Although the open kitchen is intact, little else remains of the space’s former incarnation.

The hostess offered to seat us at a table, but true to form, LC and I opted for the bar. There were only two seats squeezed between a huge bowl of citrus used for garnish and a dude wearing a ball cap. He was doing a good job of being incognito, so we joined him.
Whiskey Bird
LC has been on a Mezcal kick lately, so he personalized his margarita with it, while I tried the pina colada on their specialty list. Shaken, not frozen, it’s sweet and frothy. LC’s smoky cocktail reminded me of medicine, but he loved it. I sipped my drink, confirming with a glance that our neighbor at the bar was indeed That 70’s Show star AK (that’s him in the white T).

Despite not wanting to be recognized, he humored us with some conversation. LC bought him a drink, and we tried to change our focus to the menu. Initially conceived as a ramen house, Crete seems to have had a change of heart, leaving the noodles to the guys across the street at Doc Chey’s.
Tacos at Whiskey Bird
Yakitori and other casual Asian snacks dominate the menu. An updated version of the traditional Chinese steamed bun is offered as a slider, with a choice of protein like fried chicken or snapper. Hybrid Asian/Mexican tacos are served in crispy fried wonton shells. We tried the spiced Peruvian chicken and Hawaiian tuna tacos, both with excellent flavor and crunch.

First, however, I ordered a selection of yakitori, skewered and grilled items, each with their own special sauce. Sticky soy chicken, charred octopus with Chinese sausage, pork belly with asparagus, shiitake mushroom, and sweet potato with WB sauce (my fave) were delivered on a bed of lettuce with jalapenos on the side.
Soft Serve at Whiskey Bird
The only dessert offered is soft serve ice cream with a choice of toppings. Like vanilla ice milk, the dessert’s texture was icy yet delicate, melting effortlessly. I chose caramel and pecans which reminded me of a McDonald’s sundae, just a thousand times better.

1409 N. Highland Avenue 404-600-5797

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