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Mint in Food…Just Wrong


I hate mint. I cringe whenever I see it on a menu or at the grocery store. I don’t like it in salads like Lebanese tabouleh, or sauces that disguise the gamey flavor of lamb, but it’s especially disgusting in desserts. The unappetizing shade of green simply exacerbates the situation.

Mint is often used in cocktails, like mint juleps, where it’s thankfully tempered by liquor. Yes, it’s refreshing, like a mouthwash mojito.

But why would anyone want to eat mint? It’s like putting toothpaste in your food. Imagine that your server at a fine restaurant, rather than offering freshly ground pepper on your salad, approaches your table with a tube of Colgate, “Would you care for a squeeze on your cheesecake? Or perhaps you’d prefer a scoop of Sensodine ice cream?”

You like mint, huh? Great. I’m gonna spread a nice thick layer of Aquafresh on your knuckle sandwich. Enjoy!


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