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The Freezer…Finger-Lickin’ Good Christmas Eve


Having just returned from Naples, south of my parents’ place in Florida, we decided to enjoy a very casual dinner at The Freezer in nearby Homosassa. Located on an inlet, the restaurant is a total dive, locally famous for its fresh steamed shrimp and smoked mullet dip.

The dip isn’t the only mullet you’ll see at The Freezer. When we arrived, an alley cat was gnawing on shrimp shells on the bar and the regulars were smoking and drinking in their cut-off denim shorts. Hungry folks order at the bar from menus handwritten on poster boards randomly tacked up to the walls…it ain’t fancy.

But it certainly beats our usual Christmas Eve at Red Lobster. We ordered a couple of beers, a pound of peel ‘n’ eat shrimp and I talked my Dad into some steamed crab legs with a side of slaw. Both are served in styrofoam cartons with cocktail sauce and melted butter. Rather than a nutcracker, The Freezer gives guests a wooden mallet to crack the crab legs, but if you know the trick, you can pull most of the meat out without having to resort to beating it.

We managed to devour every morsel, using half a roll of paper towels in the process.

5590 S. Boulevard Drive 352-628-2452

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