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Knuckle Sandwich of 2014


Now that you’ve read my list of Atlanta’s best new restaurants of the year, it’s time to unveil my Knuckle Sandwich of 2014, the biggest restaurant failure of the year.

The winner, or perhaps more accurately, the loser, is the European chain La Tagliatella which opened two stores, one in midtown and another at Emory Point in 2013, both of them shuttering this year.

Serving Italian food such as shaped and filled pastas with a variety of mix and match sauces and pizzas on cracker-like crusts, Atlantans weren’t impressed.

I attended a media dinner at the Emory location after the abrupt closure of the midtown store and it quickly became apparent why La Tagliatella wasn’t successful. Although my review was kind, note that I stopped short of describing anything as delicious except the dessert. Every dish they served us was mediocre at best, from undercooked pasta to a starter that featured flavorless mozzarella on grated tomatoes. It doesn’t take an Italian genius to know that you don’t grate tomatoes.

Despite their failure in Atlanta, there are still three locations operating in the U.S. should you have the urge to eat lackluster Italian food. Perhaps we should open some Olive Gardens in Italy? Maybe not.


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