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Villains…Wicked Heroes Meet Sinister Salads


*Sadly, Villains is closing this weekend, December 20, 2014.
VillainsLocated in the heart of Midtown, Villains is not your ordinary sandwich shop. Decor is playful, with silhouettes of villains from cartoons and comics painted on the tabletops. But it’s not necessarily for kids, especially considering they serve cocktails. And, of course, they serve sandwiches; heroes to be more precise, each named for a villain with a sinister plan. Grant of Marie, Let’s Eat! joined me there for an impromptu midweek lunch courtesy of Tori Allen PR.

I tried the Colonel Kurtz, described as a chicken bahn mi, the classic Vietnamese sandwich. Here, the fresh French roll is stuffed with chicken sauteed in lemongrass sauce which made it a bit soggy. I would have loved more cilantro, but unfortunately it was chopped with mint. Pickled carrots and radishes added some much needed crunch.
The Odd Job at Villains
Grant ordered the Odd Job, a spicy fried chicken cutlet with pear slaw, mayonnaise, and a drizzle of Korean “Buffalo” sauce on a hero roll. He said his side of cilantro-almond pasta salad was terrific. Both of our sandwiches came with puffed wheat wheels that reminded me of Funyons, without the onions. They are addictive!

Villains’ Hail Nero salad has gained a cult following of its own. Chopped kale is simply tossed with a white miso dressing and garnished with chili flakes and ramen noodle “croutons”. It’s a salty, crunchy, guilt-free delight. I chose it as my side, but the salad can be ordered as a meal and topped with a protein…the smoked chicken sounds awesome.

Grant and I switched sandwiches halfway through. Although I’m not a fan of barbecue, I enjoyed the crisp chicken paired with the sweet, spicy sauce.

There is plenty to like about Villains. The next time I’m up to no good, I’ll stop by for Guy Fieri’s Triple B (B is for bacon!). I didn’t know Guy Fieri was a bad guy!

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