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Waterfall Club at Lake Burton


Sometimes, even an overnight getaway is enough to de-stress. Unless, of course, you’re accompanied by three teenage girls. Me, LC, Little T, and two of her cousins drove to Lake Burton recently, after a day in Helen for Oktoberfest.
Lake Burton
The top of the mountain affords fantastic views of the lake, but winding roads makes for a tedious drive, yet especially scenic this time of year. We stayed at a condo with rustic furnishings and all the conveniences of the finest resorts, including a golf course. It’s called Waterfall Club.

And where there’s a golf course, there’s a club house with a bar and restaurant. At Waterfall, it conveniently located next door to our condo. We were lured by its convenience and rustic, upscale menu.
Waterfall Club
The smoky aroma of the wood-burning fire was welcoming, but reminded me Winter was on its way. Much to LC’s dismay, we skipped appetizers and went straight for the entrees, an idea the girls advocated as teenagers are not fans of lingering over dinner. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to either if I didn’t have a glass of champagne to keep me amused.
Etouffee at Waterfall Club
Little T didn’t stray from her usual Caesar salad with grilled chicken while the other two girls went the luxury route and each ordered a petite filet mignon. LC decided on shrimp and lobster etouffee and I predictably ordered the roasted duck breast.

Enormous chunks of succulent lobster and plump shrimp were nestled within the rice and Cajun-spiced vegetables in LC’s etouffee. My duck was coffee rubbed and pan roasted, then served over sauteed baby spinach and a subtly sweet puree of parsnip and pear, and finished with a honey ice wine sauce. It’s the kind of presentation one might expect from Buckhead’s most glamorous restaurant, and it was equally flavorful.
Sobban Baraonda Ribalta 277
Not surprisingly, the girls couldn’t finish their steaks, instead running off to the game room they had discovered earlier, leaving LC and I to relax and order dessert. We chose the blueberry cobbler, bubbling over the edges of its ramekin and topped with vanilla ice cream. Its sweetness was matched by its richness, making it impossible for us to finish.

Suddenly overwhelmed by the smoke from the fire, we walked back to the condo in the heavy fog, Winter nipping at our heals.

1105 Waterfall Drive 706-212-4000

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