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Si Senor…Authentic Mexican in Norcross


Located in an unremarkable strip mall on an access road in Norcross, Si Senor is the kind of restaurant one might find on nearby Buford Highway, with a Spanish-speaking staff and authentic Mexican food.
Si Senor
Decor is somewhat divey, with cheap laminate tables and dingy checkerboard floors, but festive orange and green walls brighten it up while Mexican music videos play on two big screen TV’s. I wouldn’t expect anything more…or less.

Introduced to Si Senor by a Latin colleague, LC took me there for an impromptu lunch recently. Iced tea was a caffeinated replacement for our usual skinny margaritas. Complimentary chips were served with a flavorful green tomatillo salsa, a sweet and spicy cilantro sauce, and a smoky housemade salsa that set our lips on fire. We ordered a small side of guacamole that was hauntingly familiar…perhaps because I got my recipe from a Mexican cleaning lady 20 years ago.
Si Senor Chips and Salsas
Sure, there are plenty of gringo options here like nachos and taco salads, but the real excitement can be found tucked inside soft yellow corn tortillas. Mexican expats can enjoy the authentic lengua (tongue) or tripa (tripe) tacos they crave, or traditional platters like huaraches, a handmade masa cake topped with beans, queso fresco, and onions, served with ensalada de nopales (tender cactus salad).

Always searching for amazing tacos like those I had in Playa del Carmen, I ordered mine filled with carnitas and carne asada. Both were topped with copious amounts of diced onion and fresh cilantro, and the tortillas tasted like corn, just like those found in Mexico. Taco plates at Si Senor come with a grilled scallion, lime wedges, and a whole grilled jalapeno, perfect for adding a blast of acid and spice, to your liking.

Our lunch was awesome, around $15 bucks, and as authentic as you can find north of Tijuana.

7131 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. 770-447-1363

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