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Reeled In at Lure!


At the recent Eats and Beats event, LC won several restaurant gift cards, one of which was for any Fifth Group restaurant. We visit El Taco so frequently they put in our order when we walk in the door, so I thought it would be nice to try one of the newer restaurants…Lure perhaps.

The menu online was intriguing and the weather was perfect so I booked a table for the patio. Located on Crescent Avenue in midtown, I find myself avoiding this neighborhood due to the traffic I imagine, a lingering side effect from the many late nights I’ve spent at bars on that street years ago. But with valet parking there were no worries, especially on a sleepy Sunday.

Although alcoholic beverages are usually our budgetary downfall, I was curious to see how far our $75 gift card would go if we made an effort at frugality. A few moments later I found myself ordering a $12 cocktail called the other girl, a modern take on a pisco sour. LC ordered a micha caliente ($9), a lightly carbonated craft cocktail individually bottled at Lure. The pink drink was made with lemon-lime soda, jalapeno vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry, and verdejo, and served in a tall glass with a sliver of cucumber and a slice of red jalapeno. We were particularly impressed with the subtly spicy bottled concoction. We suck at frugality.

Our first course was a dish from the shared plates section, grilled octopus and pork lettuce wraps, a pricey $18. Crisp lettuce leaves provided perfect wrappers for the surf and turf combo, with rice vermicelli, fragrant herbs, and a spicy Vietnamese-style sauce. Not exactly authentic but delightful nonetheless.

We debated between ordering two entrees or a second small plate from the menu’s smoked section and sharing an entree, finally swayed to do the latter by the rainbow trout pate’s rave reviews I’d read and the fact that this move would save us about twenty bucks. Smoked in house, the ramekin of creamy trout pate’ was served with finely diced pickled beets spiked with horseradish. Despite my distaste for beets, I even enjoyed the spicy relish, all on rustic toast. The reviews were right.

Of the eleven entrees, it was the seared George’s Bank sea scallops that won out. Anchored by a mound of toothsome fregola, a tiny pasta of Sardinian origin, the succulent scallops were paired with roasted mushrooms, almonds, and agrodolce, worth every cent of it $28 pricetag.

Had we stopped then, the gift card would have taken care of the bill, but unfortunately, LC has a sweet tooth, so we ordered another micha caliente to share and checked out the dessert options. Blueberry crumb cake with pistachio ice cream and aged gouda seemed the best choice, although I was curious about the Earl Grey and chocolate pot de creme. Our wonderful server delivered both.

True to its name, the crumb cake was a bit dry, remedied by the accompanying ice cream. Chocolate overwhelmed the sublime tea flavor in the pot de creme, but its velvety texture and toasted marshmallow topping made it my favorite of the two.

Having ordered our cocktails from the specialty drink list, I completely neglected to look at the wine list on the back of the menu until I was writing this review and noticed they serve shochu, a type of Japanese liquor that I first discovered at Miso Izakaya. And even more impressive, Lure serves prosecco on tap!

There were so many great things about this meal, and so much more to explore, I find myself already thinking about a return visit. And I’d like a six-pack of micha caliente to go!

1106 Crescent Avenue NE 404-817-3650

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