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Prime Time at New York Prime


Enveloped by the aroma of cigars, I arrived at New York Prime to meet LC and some business associates for dinner. I found him at the bar with a martini in one hand and a business card in the other, discussing transportation with a woman wearing an inappropriately short skirt. Welcome to Atlanta’s good ole boys club.

I was a deadly combination of hungry and cranky, prompting LC to act quickly and get a booth, complete with white tablecloth and a gentleman waiter. The immediate delivery of a glass of prosecco soothed my nerves as we perused the menu of steaks and sides, circa 1990. Shrimp cocktail? Check. Loaded baked potatoes? Check. Naturally, we would wind up getting both.
But first, chilled oysters on the halfshell for LC, his colleague MF, and business associate RC visiting from Boise. None for me as I, surprisingly, dislike eating things that look like snot and taste like brine. However, I did share the plate of four enormous shrimp served with tartar and cocktail sauces. Another glass of prosecco and some lively conversation made me forget about the smoky atmosphere.

Our curiosity got the best of us as we couldn’t resist the thick cut bacon appetizer. At only $6, it was the least expensive item on the menu, and likely the only new thing added in the last decade. I chuckled when it arrived, literally one slice of cured pork belly, cut about half an inch thick. We divided it with knife and fork and devoured it in seconds.

LC and I shared a petite filet, cooked medium. Everything there is a’ la carte, so this is where the colossal baked potato comes in. We joked with RC about its origins in Idaho as our server loaded it with butter, sour cream, bacon bits, and chives tableside. Service was formal and well-executed. Our steak was nicely charred on the outside and wonderfully tender inside. New York Prime has perfected the technique for cooking steaks, and clearly use only the highest quality beef. As for the potato, it was the size of a child’s head. Despite the nearly half cup each of butter and sour cream, it could have used more of both.

If you’re a meat and potatoes kind of guy that enjoys an occasional cigar, New York Prime is for you. If you’re a gal that thrives on variety, it’s not on the menu here, but you may find it at the bar…a variety of wealthy men that is.

3424 Peachtree Road NE 404-846-0644


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