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Highland Bakery Birthday Brunch


Since LC and I got to spend Friday night at the emergency room at Piedmont Hospital instead of enjoying my birthday dinner at Watershed, I decided that Sunday brunch would be a tasty alternative. Highland Bakery has been on my wish list for years, so we drove down the street to the original Old Fourth Ward location prepared to wait for a coveted table at the popular brunch spot.

After a quick drive around the block, we snagged a spot directly across the street, then proceeded to the door where crowds of hungry brunchers waited, coffee in hand. So we put our name on the wait list and followed suit, purchasing two cappuccinos and an irresistable s’mores bar in the bakery shop waiting area.

My cappuccino was foamy and fantastic and our wait was only twenty minutes or so. Our hostess seated us at a hightop in the sunny hall between the shop and main dining room. Exposed brick, brightly painted walls, and well-worn furnishings make guests feel at home.

Naturally, I had printed the menu the day before, marking my potential selections with a star. Classic eggs benedict is my favorite brunch dish, but I was having a hard time saying no to the breakfast BLT, and the sweet potato pancakes, and especially the cilantro corn pancakes which finally won out.

LC was leaning towards the breakfast BLT. Great! I could try a bite…or three. But like a moron I pointed out he could build his own omelette, so he did that instead. He added turkey sausage, cheddar, corn, and avocado.

My cilantro corn pancakes were served over black beans, then topped with two eggs fried medium, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese, cilantro, and avocado on the side, suggested by our server. I should have realized all those ingredients added up to a sloppy mess, but I was blinded by the word cilantro. Worse yet, I neglected to order a side of bacon. Meat is mandatory with eggs.

Nevertheless, I dug into the massive thing on my plate, causing even a bigger mess of oozing egg yolks. Then my bacon arrived…greasy, chewy goodness. I thought the pancakes would be soggy from the black beans and salsa, but they were surprisingly intact, and full of sweet corn kernels. The Southwestern flavors in the dish were marvelous, however, if I were to order it again, I would order the corn pancakes on a separate plate, with the salsa and sour cream on the side. And the eggs on the side with the side of bacon. This dish should be served on three plates.

LC enjoyed his enormous omelette, although it could have been made with half as many eggs and been plenty. His bowl of grits on the side were unusually creamy and flavorful. Pancake dishes aren’t served with toast, so I stole a piece of his, enjoying its toothsome quality. We were happily stuffed. I was hoping for a chocolate croissant to take home, but they were sold out.

Now if they only served mimosas…

655 Highland Avenue No. 10 404-586-0772


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