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Let Them Eat Hideous Cake!


Originally posted in 2011, I am reminded on my birthday just how much I hate cake. So, grab a paper plate and a plastic fork and dig in!

It’s no secret that I hate cake. Yesterday I was shopping at Kroger when I walked by the bakery department and was subjected to this garish display….yellow cake and cupcakes decorated with day-glo frosting.

What is the flavor of yellow cake? Yellow is not a flavor. The flavor of red velvet cake is red, I suppose. At least brown cake is chocolate. Why would anyone want to eat a flavorless sponge covered with bright green goopy frosting?

Cake is so low-brow. Whenever I eat something that’s gonna add to my girth, it better be worth it. Like Babette’s dried cherry tart, for instance. Or authentic gelato in Europe.

However, cake is the perfect dessert after a nice fat Knuckle Sandwich!


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