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El Dorado’s Mexican…Somewhere in Louisiana


Travelling with kittens is quite a treat. LC and I had two seal lynx birmans that we had picked up in Texas, and were heading back east when we had to stop for dinner. It was getting so late that most restaurants in the small towns that dotted the interstate were closing, and the kitties were napping after several hours of frolicking in the car. We finally took our chances at an exit in Crowley, Louisiana. Although there was only one car in the parking lot, festive lights were still on at a Mexican restaurant called El Dorado’s.

Tortillas, cheese, anything fried…it was all there, posing quite a challenge for LC who was trying to avoid fatty foods. The chips were the institutional bagged variety, so they weren’t very tempting dipped into the watered-down salsa. Even more offensive was the buffet, with a selection of indistinguishable fried items. We hoped the rest of the menu would be a bit more authentic, especially considering that the entire staff spoke almost no English.

LC inquired, did they have skinny margaritas? No (accompanied by blank expression). How about habanero infused tequila? Of course not, silly. So we settled for Corona Lights. I noticed a section of the menu with specialty tacos, so I ordered one carne asada on a corn tortilla, and we decided to share an order of chicken fajitas.

Not surprisingly, the taco was prepared gringo style, with shredded cheese, lettuce, and diced tomatoes. Sauteed beef was piled high on a doubled corn tortilla, easily enough for us to make two fat carne asada tacos. We requested corn tortillas with our fajitas as well. A skillet of sizzling chicken and loads of onions and peppers was nicely seasoned and served with all the fixin’s, including guacamole, which I suspect was not made in house.

Nevertheless, we left happy and stuffed, for under $30 including tip. So if you find yourself driving along Interstate 10 in Louisiana and get a hankering for cheap Mexican, this is your place!

2307 N. Parkerson Avenue 337-785-0339

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  1. You totally missed out if you were looking for Mexican. If you had only gone to the next light and turned left, you would have come across El Paso Mexican restaurant. Much higher quality food and more healthy selections.

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