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Yonah Burger….at Last!


Over the last ten years I have probably driven to Helen, the faux Bavarian village in the North Georgia mountains, over fifty times, each trip passing a burger stand called Yonah Burger. As the years went by, the stand grew into a building, then expanded further to include a covered patio.

The place seemed to have somewhat of a cult following with regulars lining up to grab a sack full of hand-pattied burgers to go. And that’s what LC and I did on our way back to Atlanta last weekend. I was so excited to finally get a Yonah Burger, I eagerly stood in line, ordered two cheeseburgers at the window and waited. At only $4.45 each, they are quite a bargain. I didn’t order fries since they were the crinkle variety, which I loathe.

Each burger is cooked on their flat top and dressed to order, both of ours topped with bacon, shredded lettuce, and mayo. No aiolis or fancy toppings here, just good old-fashioned burgers like the ones you find at family cookouts….greasy, juicy, and full of flavor. It was worth the wait!

2051 Helen Highway, Cleveland 706-865-4791

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