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Corn Corn Corn!


Although I grew up eating corn on the cob fresh from the garden, most of the corn I encountered in my college years and throughout my twenties was the popped variety.

The word corn also became synonymous with dogfood. SS would say it in a goofy, high-pitched voice, eliciting excitement, and sometimes drool, from his canine kids Conan and Ivy.

Then my nutritionist Mom blacklisted corn, grouping it together with other starchy vegetables and grains that were, likewise, high on the glycemic index. Another kernel wouldn’t pass my lips for over a decade.

A few recent dinners, however, have put corn back in heavy rotation. Sweet, chewy, buttery, and so cheap! And it’s easy to prepare…just shuck a few ears, boil them for eight minutes and serve with butter and salt. Enjoy an ear of corn for dinner and the next morning, its “medicinal” qualities will be clear…just like your colon.

Corn corn corn!


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