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Spring Fever at Holy Taco


Few things are as exciting as the first flip flop day of Spring! Margaritas on a patio wearing said flip flops are the next logical step. Although Spring officially began a couple of weeks ago, Monday really felt like it, so LC and I got off work early and headed to East Atlanta’s Holy Taco.

It’s easy to fill up on their housemade chips cut from fresh corn tortillas. When fried, the layers separate, creating pillowy puffs that are perfect for scooping up their guacamole and unique salsas, like the Ecuadorian style that we ordered. But the first order of business was a couple of skinny margaritas with salt. Tastes like Summer!

Enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun, we decided on a few tacos but I also wanted to try something new. Chef Phalen, who also owns One Eared Stag in Inman Park, makes use of unusual ingredients, especially for a tacqueria. In a particularly risky move, we decided on a side dish made with a vegetable I don’t really like….cauliflower. The florets were roasted, accented with green olives and dried dates, then liberally sprinkled with fresh rosemary, a heady combination of salty, sweet, and herbaceous. It sounds crazy and it is….crazy good!

LC ordered two tacos, the brisket and the 12 hour roasted pork shoulder, both of which we’d had before but I couldn’t remember which I preferred so I tried something more adventurous, the young goat, all three on corn tortillas. It’s toppings of sweet onion, guindilla peppers, and mustard salad (you mean mustard greens?) were scarce but luckily I saved some of the guacamole to scoop on top. I still haven’t had the balls (or perhaps enough tequila) to order the taco with fried chicken hearts.

Yes folks, Spring is here, although Mother Nature continues to tease us with cold snaps. But soon, it will be flip flops and margaritas full time!

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