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Rosebud Blossoms in Spring


It was late Friday night and LC and I still had not decided on dinner plans, so we got in his car, as we often do, without a specific destination in mind. He turned left, then right, passing a number of restaurants that we didn’t want to visit. LC wanted to watch the NCAA tournament and I wanted high quality food….two things that usually don’t go hand in hand.

We were running out of options when we drove by Rosebud. I spotted big screen TV’s behind the bar so we decided to give it a shot. We had eaten there once before a couple of years ago, the memory of their earthy mushroom toasts still fresh in my head.

The space is deceptively large, with dining rooms to the left and right of the entrance where the bar is located. Wood and exposed brick combine with shades of deep yellow for warmth and Southern charm.

We took the last two seats at the bar, his eyes glued to the TV, mine glued to the menu. Mushroom toasts were long gone, but there was a list of specials that included lobster lettuce wraps, so we decided on those and an order of Brussels sprouts to start. A split of Freixenet prior to our dinner prompted me to order a glass of cava while LC couldn’t resist a skinny margarita.

Halved and roasted, the sprouts were large but tender, tossed with a maple sambal glaze. No complaints but the Brussels sprouts war is currently being won by Hearth in Sandy Springs. Two leaves of butter lettuce were generously filled with lobster salad but I was surprised that there was no dipping sauce, making the lettuce wraps anticlimactic for me. LC used the remaining maple sambal glaze to add flavor….a good idea but I had already eaten my plain wrap.

As we often do, we ordered an entree and side to split. A massive Riverview Farms pork chop was cooked medium-well and served on a tangy sweet bed of braised red cabbage. Pears are a natural accompaniment to pork, here served pickled, and arranged on top. An enormous potato and kale casserole may not have been my first choice as a side, but the crunchy bread crumb topping convinced me it was the right one. There was a good bit of fat on the chop, but we carefully cut around it and didn’t leave a morsel of meat on the plate.

Our attention was divided between dinner and dunks, but during commercials we watched the bartenders shaking up some pretty cocktails. Perhaps in an unwise move, I decided to follow my bubbly with a drink called “Mexican firing squad special”, made with tequila, lime, and housemade grenadine. A dash of bitters floated on top along with a preserved black cherry from a $100 can imported from Italy. (Yes, they are worth it).

Although we don’t visit often, I can see why chef Eyester’s restaurant is consistently packed. The ambiance is warm and inviting and the food is what it should be….delicious. The final score? Rosebud 1, hunger 0.

1397 N. Highland Avenue 404-347-9747

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