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Almost Deja Vu at Sidebar


When I had the opportunity to meet a friend for a drink recently, he suggested Sidebar. I had to laugh out loud, remembering a ridiculous night out at this downtown dive with colleagues just before I was to drive to Tennessee for Christmas some years ago. My manager at the time said we each had to try an Irish car bomb. Never one to turn down alcohol, I managed to guzzle the half pint of Guinness with the shot of Bailey’s and Jamison’s dropped in. Delicious! That was the first of many Irish car bombs that night which led to my car keys being locked in my office, delaying my holiday plans.

This visit was totally different, except for the blustery Winter weather. Sidebar is a long narrow space with hightops on the left, the bar on the right. There are pool tables downstairs, which I never knew existed until last week. College students and area workers stop by after hours for a brew or two, along with a couple of regulars that obviously don’t stop at two. In fact, one of them provided much entertainment, fruitlessly attempting to withdraw cash from the ATM with his driver’s license after his girlfriend abandoned him. (I didn’t notice at first, but that’s him in the corner of the photo above…LOL).

Naturally, the first order of business was to have an Irish car bomb. It went down smoothly, taking away the Winter chill. I followed it with a Guinness draught as me and BL caught up.

I was hungry too, so I checked out Sidebar’s menu, a selection of typical bar snacks and alcohol absorbers. Among the choices was my favorite sandwich, the classic BLT.

The sandwich arrived stacked high with crispy bacon. Honestly, I prefer it thick and chewy, but it’s nearly impossible to complain about bacon, unless you don’t have any! Ripe tomatoes, fresh lettuce, and a heavy schmear of mayo on grilled white bread completed the tasty sandwich. Accompanying shoestring fries were crispy and plentiful. Another Guinness washed it all down.

Thankfully, I left Sidebar relatively sober….with my car keys and dignity intact.

79 Poplar Street NW 404-588-1850


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