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The Tavern At Phipps


Christmas returns and exchanges can be fun, especially when you are anticipating the cocktail and meal to follow. Me and LC recently accompanied Little T to Phipps and landed in a fun shop with puzzles, games, and hilarious calendars. She chose a couple as gifts, then we headed to The Tavern at Phipps for dinner.

Known for their lively patio staffed by scantily clad chicks in the warmer months, The Tavern is just as busy this time of year, minus the hot pants, of course. After waiting a few moments for a table to open up, we were seated in the relatively dark dining room (hense no photos of it).

Little T had already mentally placed her order for a chicken Caesar salad before we arrived, leaving me and LC flipping through the menu, debating the multitude of options, from sharable chips with toppings (a.k.a. nachos) to sandwiches and entrees.

But first, we had to decide on cocktails, finally settling on skinny margaritas. I was debating about ordering the lettuce wraps, somewhat wary of “Asian” food in a non-Asian establishment. LC was eyeing the spicy gumbo. We ended up ordering both. The tart margarita with an extra splash of tequila hit the spot, almost making me forget that a tree smashed into the Hot Dish mobile earlier that day.

Our server arrived with Little T’s salad, the lettuce wraps, and two bowls of white rice over which she poured the gumbo, full of shrimp, oysters, and andouille sausage. There was a delayed kick, but the gumbo was milder than we had hoped. While Little T was quietly enjoying her salad, I was spooning minced chicken tossed with crunchy Chinese veggies and crispy rice noodles into a big leaf of iceburg lettuce. Drizzled with a ubiquitous sweet “Asian” sauce, the wraps were tasty in a junkfood sort of way.

Altogether, a decent dinner.

3500 Peachtree Road 404-814-9640


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