A Dinner Fit For Vampires….and Wolfgang Puck?

November 9, 2012 at 3:35 pm , by Serina Patrick

I’m not too squeamish about what I put in my mouth. Beef heart bresaola? Lamb innards (affectionaly known as sweetbreads)? Sure, why not. How about some pig’s blood with that?

Welcome to the 2012 Atlanta Blood Dinner to be held November 15th at Livingston. Lead by chef Zeb Stevenson, this groundbreaking dinner explores the use of blood as food in contemporary gourmet cooking and features three more of my favorite chefs: Ryan Smith of Empire State South, Josh Hopkins of STG Trattoria, and Tyler Williams of Abattoir. Knowing Zeb, the gory poster is tongue in cheek, poking fun at our fear of the unknown.

Reactions to the Blood Dinner range from disgust to intrigue. I was admittedly amused at the irony of the Urbandaddy post written by BG, a vegetarian. In other cultures, using every part of the animal is routine. In America, however, the trend is just catching on with big name chefs like Linton Hopkins, Richard Blais, and Hugh Acheson introducing, albeit with some trepidation, unfamiliar parts like tongue and brains. We are slowly getting accustomed to it, after all, if we can’t trust chefs with books and TV shows, who can we trust?

Expect the talented chefs to incorporate blood in sausage, sauces, and soup, examining texture, temperature, and taste. I mentioned the dinner to Wolfgang Puck during my interview with him (more on this soon!) and he said he would attend the Blood Dinner if he was in town, going on to describe how his family in Austria would kill a pig and drain the blood, making traditional blood sausage.

As much as I admire each of these chefs, I’m just not that hungry.

To reserve your seat call 404-898-8323.

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