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Authentic Hot Tamales!


The cleaning staff at my office always brings homemade meals, dishes from their native countries, mostly Mexico and Columbia. The aroma of freshly pressed corn tortillas is intoxicating.

A recent Lean Cuisine theft lead to a conversation with a sweet Mexican employee who had a similar experience. Having a pretty good grasp of the English language, he and I often discuss where to find authentic Mexican food.

I was preparing my sad frozen entree while we talked, and he offered me a tamale. I declined, not wanting to take his lunch, but when he said he had thirty of them, I changed my tune. Isabella, an older cleaning staff employee, had made a large batch to share. I happily took two.

The extra large tamales were filled with tender roasted pork and red chili sauce, then wrapped in the traditional corn husks before being steamed. I reheated them in the microwave and whipped up a quick bowl of guacamole to serve alongside.



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