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Airport Breakfast with a Long Lost Cousin


OK, so my cousin RW was not lost, exactly. But it’s been twenty-some long years since we’ve laid eyes on each other. He’s an Airforce guy, living in Japan for ten years where he met his beautiful wife. Now they live in Hawaii.

On his rare visits to the mainland over the years, I have always been out of town or otherwise unavailable, so when he emailed me a couple of weeks ago about his upcoming trip, I was intent on seeing him.

With a 6:50am arrival time, then plans to rent a car and drive to Helen, it was definitely a challenge. Since I live close to the airport, the best option was to meet there for breakfast. So I set my alarm for an ungodly hour, jumped in my car and headed to Hartsfield. Upon arrival, he texted me his location at Atlanta Bread Company in the airport’s atrium. I made my way through the security lines, spotting him clear across the way, which I believe I would have been able to do even without the benefit of the video he sent of himself eating stinky tofu in Taiwan.

We ordered bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwiches, mine on a croissant and his on a sunflower seed bagel. And I added to my caffeine intake for the morning with a large vanilla nut coffee.

It was so great to laugh and reminisce, I hardly noticed how greasy my sandwich was, likely due to the butter in the croissant. And unfortunately, wrapping a croissant in foil softens the delicate, crispy crust. With that said, I love fatty breakfast sandwiches. We polished ’em off, then asked a chick at a nearby table to take our picture.

I hope we have the opportunity to visit again before another twenty years go by….perhaps in Hawaii.


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