Afternoon Delight at Mazzy’s

January 28, 2012 at 3:53 pm , by Serina Patrick

Any afternoon with sunny blue skies is a delight, but one at the end of January is particularly delicious. And it was Friday. A brief lunch escape from the office would do me and LC good.

We went to Mazzy’s down the street….a cavernous sports bar with more space than personality, and a staple of my coworkers. Dart boards and pool tables are ready to provide amusement to guys that have no chance of gettin’ laid.

It had been a super-stressful week, so an ice cold Miller Lite was in order. Mazzy’s menu didn’t hold any surprises. Appetizers like chips and queso, quesadillas, and chicken wings are expected at any sports bar, but ’90′s throwbacks like loaded potato skins and fried mozzarella sticks made me chuckle.

Sandwiches, burgers, and a short selection of entrees (items used to make sandwiches, served on a platter without the bun) make ordering pretty simple. I chose a turkey burger with jack cheese and fries. LC duplicated my order, except with cheddar.

Our burgers were gigantic and covered with melted cheese. We dressed our buns with mayo (served in to-go packets), and each took a big, juicy bite. Skin-on fries could have been crispier, but they did the trick nonetheless.

There was nothing to complain about at Mazzy’s, likewise nothing to rave about. I guess that’s the definition of suburban mediocrity.

7160 Jimmy Carter Blvd. 678-822-9888

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