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Accidental Holiday Fiesta


Have you been to the Botanical Gardens’ holiday light extravaganza? We haven’t either, although we did try to go. When he couldn’t purchase tickets online, LC called to make sure we could just show up. So we piled into two cars and sat on Piedmont for 30 minutes, just to be told it was sold out.

How can walking through a freakin’ garden be sold out for God’s sake? Nature can’t sell out! Dejected, we headed north on 400, not sure where we would land.

Some of us were hungry, others were not. LC and I had planned on getting food at the Botanical Gardens, but alas, it was not to be. We spotted several potential dining destinations, but we had to keep it simple having two kids along.

Then I spotted On The Border, the Tex-Mex spot that sits in the enormous parking lot in front of Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack in Buckhead. My only previous visit was with AD years ago, and our main purpose was drinking margaritas, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the food, although I suspected it would be rather unimpressive since this is a chain that has invaded all but 12 states in the U.S.

On The Border doesn’t proclaim to be authentic Mexican. They do, however, offer plenty of dishes one would find in my favorite country….tacos, carne asada, grilled fish. And lots of your Americanized standards like nachos, enchiladas, and a thing called a Big Bordurrito that looks like a Burrito on steroids.

We started with tableside guacamole, and the usual chips and salsa, which would suffice for those that weren’t very hungry. Meanwhile, LC ordered the fish tacos, two big corn tortillas with fried whitefish and slaw. Me and TT tried the “street style mini tacos”….three little corn tortillas with jack cheese and fajita steak served with sliced avocado. The tiny tacos were somewhat reminiscent of those in Cabo, except they had melted cheese and recognizable meat. Both taco meals came with rice and black beans, and were under $10.

I must admit, I was surprised by the freshness, flavor, and quality of the food. No, the corn tortillas were not the best ever, but I’ve had worse at some tacquerias in my neighborhood for double the price.
Not surprisingly, nothing was spicy enough for me and LC, even with the addition of diced jalapenos.

We were stuffed but LC just couldn’t pass up dessert, and neither could I since he wanted the sopapillas, fried dough with a hollow center that one traditionally fills with honey. These came with both chocolate and honey for dipping.

Lucky for us, On The Border wasn’t sold out of taste.

1 Buckhead Loop NE #130 404-816-3171


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