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Little Caesars….a New Low in the Pizza Wars


Remember when you were a kid and your family piled into the Chevy to go to the pizza parlor? Chubby Italian guys tossed pizza dough high into the air as kids and parents watched in delight, the heady aroma of sausage, onions, and peppers wafting through the air. There was a sort of mystique, a palpable excitement, surrounding the experience. Simply awesome.

Well, kiss those days goodbye my friend. Little Caesars has put the final nail in that coffin.

While establishments like Antico Napoletana and Varasano’s Pizzeria are attempting to elevate the humble pizza pie, Little Caesars is now offering “Hot & Ready” pizzas to-go. They are pre-made and boxed up, much like McDonald’s wraps a dozen cheeseburgers in advance, and kept warm behind the counter.

You can get a generic size large pepperoni pizza for only $5. Other varieties, like Ultimate Supreme and 3 Meat Treat are available, depending on your area. Bland crust topped with lackluster sauce and tons of cheap cheese is practically blasphemous. I could probably make a better “pizza” with what’s in my fridge….how about a tortilla topped with ketchup and Kraft American slices?

So if you’re hungry for the pizza parlor nostalgia of your childhood, check out Antico for the atmosphere, or Varrasano’s for a real hand-tossed pie, made with authentic ingredients and lots of love.


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