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Roasted Seaweed Snack


Trader Joe’s does an amazing job of finding innovative products for their private label….everything from healthy frozen entrees to wine.

While standing in the checkout line stocking up on Lambrusco, I spotted a display of Roasted Seaweed Snacks in kitschy bright green wrappers. It was only .99 cents so I grabbed a bag, thinking it might taste like the awesome kale chips that LC’s Mom made recently.

Wrong! When I opened the bag there was a definitive fishy smell. Cut into squares, the transparent dark green seaweed “chips” tasted fishy too. It was like eating stinky wax paper. But the worst part was after the initial crispness gave way to my saliva, the consistency became almost pasty. Yucky!

With only 60 calories per bag it makes for a great snack if you’re on a diet, mainly because it is hard to eat more than one sliver without being disgusted. If this was the only food left on earth, the problem of obesity would come to a screeching hault.

Of course, they are made in Korea, a country where silkworm larva is considered a tasty snack.


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