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Sushi at Prime


There was a period when I spent a considerable amount of time shopping at Lenox with my friend LC. We made a habit of drinking martinis and eating a little sushi at Prime.

Part of Tom Catherall’s Here to Serve Restaurants, Prime is primarily a steakhouse, but they also have a sushi bar. You may have noticed that Catherall puts sushi on the menu at almost every one of his restaurants, no matter what type of cuisine is offered. Remember Tom Tom at Lenox? That was a great little bistro…..until he added the sushi bar. Noche and Cantina are the only two that do not have sushi. What, no tuna taco rolls?

Nevertheless, Prime is a cool little spot, tucked away in a corner upstairs by Anthropologie. We always enjoyed sitting at the bar. I would have a Bombay Sapphire, dry, straight up, with three olives. LC would have the same, but with vodka, and then we’d share edamame to start.

Old habits die hard. Last night, while attempting to shop for Christmas gifts, LC (a different one) and I stopped by Prime for a cocktail and some sushi. I ordered my usual martini and he got a double espresso. And edamame, of course.

Then I got crazy and decided to try the yellowtail sashimi appetizer with cilantro, jalapenos, and yuzu soy for us to share. It was a great choice! Really fresh, clean, and simple.

We also split a spicy tuna roll, a lobster roll, and six pieces of nigiri, two each of shrimp, eel, and smoked salmon….my usual not-really-raw sushi selections.

The lobster roll, called langosta, was a tempura fried tail with asparagus, topped with avocado, mango, and red tobiko. It was certainly colorful, but the dominant flavor was “fried”. That is why I never order any rolls with fried ingredients. The somewhat slimy mango didn’t help matters.

Spicy tuna was better with a generous dose of wasabi. My standard nigiri pieces were good as always.

Here’s the thing about me and martinis. One is not quite enough, two is too much. Prime allows me to order a half martini, so that is what I did. Just right.

Now we were ready to shop….for ourselves.

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