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Hotter Than El!


This heat almost reminds me of Brazil, minus the part where there is no air-conditioning and the only clothing you can comfortably wear is a bikini. Here, thankfully, bikinis are optional. Especially when me and B are chowing down on baskets of chips, fajitas, and tacos at El Taco.

Their patio is the perfect spot to chill out and sip tangy margaritas with salt. On Saturday our server recommended an all natural margarita made with only lime juice, tequila, and a little agave nectar….awesome!

El Taco serves freshly made guacamole that can be spiced up with jalapenos and cilantro from their salsa bar. The cheese dip is the perfect consistency to cling to chips, although I do wish their chips were a bit thinner, like Uncle Julio’s.

B ordered the steak and shrimp fajitas while I got my usual red chili steak taco having already filled up on chips and dips, as planned. At just $3.95, the taco is full of grilled steak, crispy onions, and tomatillo-lime salsa. I get it on a corn tortilla and add a bit of shredded cheese, guacamole, cilantro, and jalapenos…..delicious!

The fajitas came out on a sizzling platter. Of course B let me have one! I was impressed with the perfectly cooked fat shrimp and tender steak, although B mentioned that the steak would have been easier to eat had it been sliced thinner (true). At $14.50 the portion was not huge but I think the flavor compensates.

I like El Taco. It’s close to home, the margaritas are great, the food is fresh and flavorful. Only problem, I always have a huge bill because they nickle and dime you on everything. Chips and salsa are $2.50, guacamole and chips are $5.75, and queso is $4.75….$13 just to get started! Ouch. Have another margarita and maybe it won’t sting so much.

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